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These next few weeks are some of busiest of the year for me and I'm SO excited! Let's hope the weather cooperates for nice festival days! I have some awesome new pieces to show off and lots of great inventory. Remember how I have more time now that my kiddos are both in school? wahoooooo!

New! Deep dark Amethyst

Saturday October 6th 39th Annual DAYTON DAYS Autumn Celebration 8:30a-4p SPOT #314 Facebook event page

Saturday October 13th and Sunday October 14th 48th Annual Waynesboro Fall Foliage Art Show 10a-5p SPOT #84 Facebook Event Page

Saturday October 20th and Sunday October 21st 32nd Annual Elkton Autumn Days 10a-5p Facebook Event Page

Moss Aquamarine
Peridot and Freshwater Pearls.Inspired by something a customer had that needed matching earrings. Small, simple and elegant.
The SPRING HOUSE project is slow and steady as usual. Last year my father-in-law spent October and November re-mortering the inside stone work. Now he has started doing the same thing on the chimney. They used some materials to stabilize the chimney before we took off the old roof. But as you can see, it's missing a lot of mortar. This chimney will not be a working chimney. It needs to be completely reconstructed for that. I'm just glad to know that now it can't topple over. The roof is nearly completed. The ridge vent is in. I didn't even know what that was until a few weeks ago. It's been pretty cool learning about all these things. As you can see from the pic below the SolaTubes have also installed. So excited for the extra light these will add in the studio space! I know that I always say this, but even though this project is going slower than I want it to it's totally worth it! So privileged to be steward of this land and have the opportunity to save (and use!) this 240 year old building. And I CANNOT WAIT to not have a building that's wrapped in plastic anymore!!


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