LURAY Festival of Spring This Weekend, Mother's Day and The City Market

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The LURAY Festival of Spring is this weekend on Saturday MAY 5th! Please Note: This is one weekend earlier than previous years. They have also changed the time of the event this year. The festival goes from 12-6pm. Find me in my usual spot near the copy shop. Here is a link the the Facebook Event of more info.

Below are some pretty custom orders that went out in the mail this week. I have been making these simple bar type necklaces. They are pretty but this sapphire one takes the cake. I used up the last of the sapphires I had to make it. But guess who gets to go to a gem show in a few weeks. This girl!!! Yippee!

Of course it wouldn't be the weeks before Mother's Day if I wasn't making some family tree of life necklaces. This one came out gorgeous. So happy to make these special little unique gifts, many times for women who I will never meet. But after becoming a mother, these mini sculptures have even more meaning to me now. I am still taking last minute orders for these if you need something unique and special for Mother's Day. They are also great for birthdays and Christmas too.

I recently worked with this mother of the bride that I met at the Maple Festival. Trish is going to be wearing a fairly plain dress and was looking for the perfect statement piece of jewelry to complete her look for the big day. I worked with her to create exactly what she was looking for. Her set had a bracelet and matching earrings of course. I'm pleased with the final product and cannot wait to see pics from the big day. Many people don't know that I do a lot custom work. I used to do bridal shows when I was still living in Vermont. I have not really marketed for this here in Virginia but I am good at making custom jewelry for any occasion.


Come find me at the City Market again on May 12th, 7a-12p. Here is a link the their Facebook Page. Check out the market if you are in the area. It's one of THE BEST around and one of the longest running markets in Virginia. I do not know what spot I will have so you just have to look for me. Look for my tablecloths!


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