Charlottesville Tomorrow 6/22! Wintergreen July 4,5 and 6th!

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I will be back at the Charlottesville City Market tomorrow from 8a-12p. I am Row H Spot #10. Next to Radical Roots in the row next to South St.

If you've followed me for any length of time then you've heard me gripe about photographing my jewelry. It's just not a job I love and I am happy to get by on shots from my iPhone. Sadly, this just doesn't cut it when it comes to jury photography and getting into art shows. I was turned down to two new shows that I applied to this year. Jewelry is a very competitive category and often 20 applicants are vying for only a few spots. So I decide to bite the bullet and pay a professional photographer to photograph and edit new images for me. Time to up my game. LOL. I am so pleased with the way that they came out and happy to share them with you here.

This gorgeous gemstones galore bracelet is similar to the one I have worn for years. $95
Baby London blue topaz, Amethyst and Peridot with stamped hoops
Wirework necklace in Sterling with 14k gold-filled
Labradorite, London blue topaz and rhodolite garnet earrings

Look for me at WINTERGREEN on July 4th from 11a-dark, July 5 from 10a-5p and July 6th from 10-5.

In spring house news, hubby is still working on the electrical but oh what an improvement in there! He recently replaced all the ground rods around the whole farm with my father in law. What an amazing man I married! I ordered a new window for the springhouse and dad and Andrew framed out that wall the other day. So we are slowly plugging away. :)

Sadly the future of the Rockingham Artisans Trail is unknown, as well as the organization that started the trail, the Artisans Center of VA. Because of this as well as lots of summer plans and travel I have decided not to have an open studio tour day this summer. Once the spring house is complete I will surely be having a huge open studio PARTY and hopefully some sale days out here as well!

Happy Summer Solstice to you all!!!


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