Charlottesville City Market 7/20 *HOT* new jewelry!

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Okay, so we all know it is going to be sweltering hot tomorrow. But there's still a whole market full of vendors who need your support! So come out early if you can and beat the heat! I will be in spot number J-4 tomorrow. I haven't been in J row since last year. Market is from 8a-12p but I'm always around a little after 12 too. It is possible I will be at market next Saturday 7/27 as well but I've yet to have solid childcare plans. If you ever want to know where I am going to be, don't hesitate to send me a message though my website, Facebook or Instagram. I also have a Calendar page on my website!

Here are a few pieces that I made this week that will be sizzling HOT on my tables tomorrow. ok. ok. My jokes are corny. But seriously I am pretty happy with these new pieces and cannot wait to explore the ideas more. I made the crescent earrings in the left photo and then used the piece I cut out to make leaves. They are so sweet in along with these gemstones and a touch of gold in these necklaces. I had made all these little stamped swirl pieces and didn't really know what I was going to do with them when I made them. And this idea hit me. I love it and I kinda want to keep it!

In spring house news, last time I told you about the new expensive perfect window for the east facing wall. Well what I didn't tell you is that a while back my husband bought a nice window off of Craigslist thinking that it would fit on the east facing wall. When he got it home, he realized it was just slightly too big. Bummer. Because it was a nice window and a good deal. So that window has been sitting in the spring house for a while. As I was standing in there one afternoon I realized how much light was coming in the west facing window. But once the wall is up on top of the logs, all that light will be blocked. And then it hit me! We can use that extra window. So I told hubby my thoughts and he measured and sure enough it just fits!! So Dad and Andrew have framed up the walls with the craigslist window. YAY!

Hope that you are enjoying your summer...stay cool.


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