Charlottesville City Market 6/8!

Posted by Melanie Schaefer on

Excited to be with the City Market again this Saturday! Market goes from 8a-12p. I am in Spot H-9 in the row next to South Street.

Here I am awkwardly modeling this new design that I have been making this year. I don't like selfies and this makes me uncomfortable but I cannot do these awesome earrings justice when they are laying down. I am getting better and more precise about making them now that I have made several pairs. I love them and might need a pair of my own soon!!

Work on the Spring House Project proceeds as usual. After 1.5 years of re-mortering my father in law is almost nearly done with the stonework (minus some areas near the chimney that need to wait for siding). There's one corner on the doorway downstairs that needs a little love still, but it's almost done. And the stonework looks just amazing!!

My husband has been working hard at the electrical the last week or so. This building is getting a real breaker box and everything. I have decided where the outlets are all going and have planned the general layout of where my jewelry equipment will go in the space. I finally ordered the window we need for the east facing wall. So many decisions at every turn!

Happy SUMMER!!!


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