61st Annual Highland County Maple Festival

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61st Annual Highland County Maple Festival is this weekend and next weekend. I will be in my usual spot in the high school gym, third vendor on the right after walking in the gym. This Vermont girl ALWAYS looks forward to the Maple Festival. For more information about the event visit their Facebook Page.

I have been working on some new designs. I always love the rest period I get in January and February. I was supposed to be a vendor at the City Market Arts Show that took place on February 2nd. We had a chimney fire a few days prior to this show and for that reason I had to back out of vending. Our home is ok. We need a new chimney and are feeling pretty cold these days using our backup electric baseboards. But we are so grateful we have our home. There's a bit of construction to do in the house now and we are exploring alternative heat sources instead of replacing the masonry chimney, so we will be good in the end I think. But boy did that rock our world! It was scary.

Some fun earrings I will have with me this weekend. I have been playing with textures with some of my hammers. I've also been playing with shapes. I love how a slow time in my business allows me the time to explore new things.

In Spring House news... it's still winter. Not much gets done around here in the winter. But my father in law did finish custom making the door into the spring house. We went without a door for a long time and it's so nice to have a door again!! Everything is pretty much custom on this project. It's kinda crazy. I chose a pad lock door handle so I don't have to carry keys with me out to work.

I hope to see some of you soon at the maple fest. And I look forward to being back at the Charlottesville City Market a few Saturdays in April. Spring is ALMOST here!


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